One of my friends who has a house at the Belgian seaside, and is an avid collector of my work, asked me to take some shots of the Belgian Coast and its sea. The image had to be both nostalgic and peacefull. Besides that, the image needed to be powerful and illustrate the vastness of the sea. Even though upon first glance the image apears effortless, there is more to it than meets the eye initially. Take time to explore the image !

Driving through the Night

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A couple of years ago I ‘ve made a series of photos about driving with the car at night. I tried to capture the feeling you have when you are driving on your own in the middle of the night: the black asphalt and the traffic signals in headlights of the car, strongly illuminated tunnels, the security of the car… Since I travel more and more by bike recently I tried recently to capture the feeling that you have when you are driving your bike in the middle of the darkness: although that the cycling roads are well illuminated in general you are much vulnerable and much closer to the outside world.

Insprired by…….


Last week I want to Spain (Sant Mateu area) for a week. Just before I left I saw a program on TV about Carl de Keyzer (Belgian photographer and member of Magnum) about the making of his book “Moments before the Flood”. The idea behind that book and series of images is that if the heating of our planet continues probably the sea level will rise with a couple of meters. So the most of our coastline will probably disappear before the end of the century. Therefore het travelled around Europe to capture parts of our coastline for the posterity.
What that I idea in mind I travelled along the coastline of the north of Valencia and took this images. Maybe we all have to capture those images? Isn’t intriguing what men build and create on this border between land and water ?