Antwerp Management School 2017 Global Citizenship Award for Baroness Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

On the 16th November 2017, Antwerp Management School honoured Baroness Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker as she received the 2017 Antwerp Management School Global Citizen Award. Her contribution to art, her commitment and her leadership skills make her a source of inspiration for the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The alumni, Board of Directors, staff and students of Antwerp Management School see in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker the perfect embodiment of everything that a Global Citizen stands for. This prestigious award is a recognition for role model leaders who have made their merits in the essence of Global Citizenship and master in the art of making decisions and guiding people. The Award was a small and unique version of the Global Citizenship artwork that I have made for the Antwerp Management School in 2015.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 15.32.40.png

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