His work is described as Universal, timeless, yet modern and refined. His imagery entices the observer, allowing the observer to dwell upon the image, without infringing on the aesthetics.
At the early age of 17 years old, Erwin Van den Brande was already a photographer. As many 70’s youths he was confronted with the budding medium that was photography. As so many others, he discovered the joys of having his own dark room. Albeit in those days his areas of interest were typically rock concerts and holiday photography, he was awarded various prizes. In that respect Erwin Van den Brande was ranked 2nd during the Procter&Gamble competition for best “Dreft” advert and he won a photography competition pertaining to old buildings in Mechelen by entering a photo collage. During a lengthy period, for various reasons, photography was placed on the back burner. More than 2 decades later photography was taken up again and Erwin Van den Brande enrolled himself in a photography school in Antwerp. He was subsequently, once again, captivated by photography and found inspiration from contemporary photographers from the 60’s and 70’s.
Erwin Van den Brande enjoys frequenting photography expositions and a yearly trip to the Photo Festival in Arles (France) has become a tradition. The future of photography mainly interests him: how will photography evolve in the coming years, what will be the impact of digital processing, how will other art forms affect photography? Additionally questions pertaining to aesthetics: what makes a photograph attractive, how do other cultures in other countries view photography?

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